Paintings-Sophomore Year


Stop motion animation



FINAL assignment

So this is a very small version of the image I created as a final project.  What started out as something completely abstract evolved into somewhat of an abstract self portrait as I included my irises and lips, as well as irises and mouths that I’ve painted.  Overall, the image was composed of about a 100 or so layers.  It was a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy it.

work in progress

This is a sample of what’s to come with the final project.  The resolution of this image is actually way lower than the actual image I’m working on, I had to convert it into a smaller size in order for flikr to upload it.  I’m going to be working with many more layers on top of this, but this is to give an example of the colors and texture I’ll be working towards.

Green Screen

Cat Fight!

Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I think I want to explore photo collages and manipulation of photos through Photoshop. Thinking back on all of the projects, I feel like I had the most fun and got the best project out of the Photoshop collage.  It really caters to my visual mind in the best way, and I really like having the control of manipulating each layer in just the way I want.  I want to incorporate textures from paintings I’ve made and create an abstract piece in which I use the manipulation tools of Photoshop to create atmospheric elements and elaborate designs.  I want it to be highly colorful and full of texture and motion.  Perhaps I will include some content that are recognizable objects or icons, but I still haven’t necessarily figured out exactly what concept I want to branch out from.  Obviously, the composition and use of color will be considered, as well as the use of layers and transparency.  Basically, I want it to send your eyes on a deep trip of awesome, color, texture, and magic.  There’s probably going to be a lot going on with this piece…and I hope you’ll enjoy it.